Never get blocked
while Web Scraping API handles proxies and CAPTCHAs by using headless browsers
so you can scraper the web with a simple API call!

Stop getting blocked

Thanks to our SEALTH chromeless technology.

Javascript, CAPTCHAs & IP Blocking has made scraping more complicated over the years. Our stealth chromeless technology bypass IP restrictions, website blocks & renders JS in realtime. We load a real chrome browser and use bots to return a real life results so you can focus on extracting data.
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Rotating IPs

40+ Million Proxy Pool

Thanks to our huge Proxy pool which rotates with every request, your requests have even less of a chance of being blocked.

60+ Geolocations for your geotargeting.

Built for the modern web

We use real web browsers on virtual machines to fetch your websites and deliver any modern website for scraping. You will no longer have problems scraping Single Page Application using React, Angulars, Vue.js etc...

  • ✔️ Full JavaScript execution
  • ✔️ Waiting for Ajax requests
  • ✔️ Pagination handlers
  • ✔️ Page scroll down

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