Top 10 Rotating Proxy Services for Web Scraping

What are the best rotating proxy services in 2020?

A rotating proxy refers to a proxy server that changes the IP address for every single connection. When you run a script that makes multiple requests with a rotating proxy server, all the requests would have a different IP address.

We use the term “rotating proxy” to describe these proxy servers because a new proxy is assigned to each connection from a pool of proxies, thus creating a constant rotation of proxies for your requests.

Static vs. Rotating Proxies

Static Proxy vs. Rotating Proxy

Both static proxy servers and rotating proxy servers provide you with proxies to help mask your request. However, there is a single and vital difference between the two.

A static proxy server will provide a static IP address that you will have to use for every connection made by your script, while a rotating proxy server will use a different proxy from its pool for every connection made by your script.

Why use rotating proxies?

There are several reasons why you might want to use a rotating proxy over a static proxy. 

If you want to make a vast number of requests, there is always the risk of getting banned or flagged for suspicious activities if you use a static proxy for every single request you make.

Rotating proxies are particularly useful for scripts that deal with web scraping, e-commerce price scraping, SEO monitoring, ad verification, and other tasks that require you to make a large number of requests.

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Top 10 Rotating Proxy Services

Here’s a quick list of the top 10 most impressive rotating proxy services available today:

  • Oxylabs

    Oxylabs is a proxy service that mainly provides US residential and data center proxies. If you’re looking for large scale data extraction, it is probably the best proxy service to use. Their proxy pool contains more than 30 million IPs from several countries.

    However, the service’s pricing leans towards the expensive side since it is one of the best private proxy services available today.

    There are also many attractive features provided by Oxylabs, such as an API to manage rotating proxies and a live proxy crawl service. The user interface is also intuitive and well-designed.

    It is also possible to customize your requirements and get the best proxies for different use-cases. For example, you can specify the website you want to scrape, and Oxylabs will generate the best proxies for that particular website guaranteed to work.

    Overall, Oxylabs is an excellent rotating proxy service, but it might not be for everyone, especially if you’re looking for something quick and simple.
  • Luminati

    Luminati is one of the earliest rotating proxy service providers and has been in the game for a long time. The proxy service has a proxy pool of over 40 million residential proxies covering almost every city and country globally.

    They are known for providing one of the broadest range of services in the industry. You can access all kinds of proxies with Luminati like residential proxies, mobile proxies, and data center proxies.

    Luminati also provides several awesome features such as random header generation, automatic captcha solving, and ready-made preset configurations to manipulate proxies.

    However, it is also important to note that Luminati targets enterprise customers, and the pricing reflects that. Yet, the quality of service provided is definitely worth the price charged.
  • GeoSurf

    GeoSurf is another top-notch rotating proxy service provider. They provide residential IPs from all over the world, but they are particularly useful if you’re looking for IPs from the USA and Europe.

    Along with offering rotating residential proxies, GeoSurf’s specialty is to search for local changes made on websites or platforms. Its global proxy network and its VPN service make it easy to handle geo-targeted web content specifically.

    Overall, GeoSurf offers an interesting approach to proxies. However, they are not the fastest or the cheapest proxy service provider out there. Many other proxy service providers provide a more competitive rate than GeoSurf.

    We would recommend using GeoSurf only if you’re working on a script or service that has to deal with geo-locked content a lot. 
  • Storm Proxies

    Storm Proxies is one of the most cost-effective proxy service providers on this list. However, there are some limitations that you will have to get used to with their service.

    Storm Proxies was specifically designed to provide proxies to SEO tools. Since it wasn’t created for web scraping scripts, it does not perform the best when used for that purpose.

    Secondly, Storm Proxies allows you to rotate proxies based on time or user requests, which might not be the best solution for large-scale web scraping projects.

    If you’re looking for a decent service at a reasonable price, Storm Proxies is one of the best service providers out there.

    However, if you’re planning to use the proxies for web scraping, you might want to consider the other options provided in this list for a better and more efficient service for that particular use case.
  • Microleaves

    Microleaves is a high-quality proxy service provider with more than 26 million proxies in its pool at any time. However, what makes Microleaves stand apart from the other service providers on this list is that there are no bandwidth restrictions. 

    Instead of limiting the amount of bandwidth you can use, Microleaves offers unmetered bandwidth. However, the proxies rotate every 5 minutes, which can be relatively slow for many web scraping scripts. The pricing for the service is also on the expensive side.

    If you’re looking for high-quality proxies with unlimited bandwidth, Microleaves might be a good option for you, and the pricing makes sense for SEO tools. However, it is not suitable for use cases like web scraping due to the slow rotation speed.
  • Proxyrack

    Proxyrack is one of the leading rotating proxy service providers, and its proxy network contains millions of proxies spread all across the entire world. The service provides different kinds of proxies, such as residential proxies, datacenter proxies, and residential VIP proxies.

    One of the interesting things about Proxyrack is that it supports both HTTP and SOCKS proxies. The support for SOCKS proxies makes it a great option if you intend to use the service for web scraping scripts.

    When it comes to just the number of IPs available, Proxyrack cannot compete with the big players like Oxylabs or Luminit. However, Proxyrack offers some innovative features and is one of the best cost-effective rotating proxy service providers.
  • Webshare

    Webshare is not as well-known as the other proxy service providers listed here and is a relatively new service. However, it is one of the few ones that is currently providing free proxies to new users!

    According to the official website, Webshare offers many services, including providing premium proxies and proxies that support HTTP and SOCKS5. It also provides a robust API that can be useful for integrating it into your script.

    However, the service is not the most reputed one, and we recommend using a more established service if you’re working on a serious project. However, Webshare still might be worth checking out, especially since you get a free trial with ten proxies!
  • Netnut

    Netnut is an excellent proxy provider service and is one of the more cost-effective services on this list. It is possible to get proxies from all over the world, including static and dynamic residential IPs

    The proxy pool contains more than 10 million proxies, and since they are sourced directly by Netnut’s ISP partners, they offer 24/7 uptime and proxies that are always online.

    You are charged based on the amount of bandwidth you use, and most of the plans provided are competitive and offer good value for money.

    Additionally, Netnut also provides a 7-day free trial that you can use to check out their service. However, it is also worth noting that Netnut is truly cost-effective only when you use its service in bulk.

    Netnut is excellent for small businesses and startups as they get to a dependable proxy service at a great bulk price. If you’re just a single developer working on a passion project, there might be better alternatives for you.
  • Monkeysocks

    In terms of scale, Monkeysocks is relatively small when compared to the other options listed here. It is a relatively new rotating proxy service that supports both SOCKS and HTTP/S. It also provides mobile and mobile-wifi proxies.

    You can also get a 1-hour free trial of the service if you’re interested in checking it out. However, we would not recommend using Moneysocks for a script that would be used for a serious purpose.

    While it might be a bit unreliable and shady, Moneysocks is still a decent service if you’re looking for a quick, affordable proxy service for a personal project or small scripts.
  • Intoli

    Intoli is a modern smart proxy service with a massive pool of residential proxies available. Compared to most of the other proxy services listed here, Intoli has some exciting and intelligent features.

    For example, it comes with a headless browser that can render javascript for you, and you can control if the proxies should rotate on every request or not. It offers these premium features at a premium cost, with plans starting from $200 per GB.

    However, Intoli is more of a complete web-scraping solution than just a rotating proxy service, which justifies its price. But if you’re looking for only a rotating proxy service provider, you might be able to find a better deal with the other proxies listed here.

Rotating Proxies help you scrape the web better!

If you’re serious about web scraping, you will need to use a rotating proxy service at some point in your scraping adventure. Feel free to check out any of the services listed above or take a look at our API that comes with in-built rotating proxies, so you don’t have to worry about that.

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